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was watching tv tonight when a commercial came on for boss orange featuring sienna miller. all i could think was:

why sienna miller?
who cares about sienna miller?

so that got me trying to break it down into target audiences etc, but i just can’t figure out who likes sienna miller?

even when she was ‘popular’ she was never huge, and though she was briefly ‘a fashion girl,’ wasn’t that like three years ago? …boho is surely dead and buried. so there goes anyone vaguely switched on to the pulse of the current celebrity/fashion hierarchy and she lost the red states because of the whole f*cking a married man thing with balthazar getty; although being honest, i’m not even sure she ever played that well in middle america.

the gays don’t like her, i don’t think. i mean she’s always had too strong a scent of desperation for my liking, and I generally assume i talk for all of my homosexual brethren. maybe lesbians like her? i don’t think so but i’m not sure, must ask my friend salloum. either way is that a big enough target audience for a presumably expensive marketing push?

i assume straight guys haven’t a clue she even exists or she would’ve featured more heavily in the advertising for GI joe. being liked only by straight men has got to be a bit insulting in itself, career-wise. i mean it basically puts you in megan fox territory. anyway, i asked a straight guy about sienna only to have my hunch confirmed by a confused look.

let’s be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing for sienna miller that the only lasting thought i was left with after 30 seconds of her writhing around with a glass bottle was to wonder who, if anyone, is really interested.

that’s gotta hurt.