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so in case you have been living under a rock, i have some exciting news. GLEE STARTS AGAIN TOMORROW! as many of you probably already know, glee is a fantastic new show based around the idea of a high school glee club. there are many reasons that it is fantastic, including the following:

well actually, that’s a just a preview of the pilot (which originally aired back in may) as i couldn’t find a youtube video of just ‘don’t stop believin,’ which is AMAZING!

as a quick sidenote, it’s nice to see a mainstream network throwing so much money and promotion behind a show that is undoubtedly fantastic but, it must be said, a little odd. (i strongly dislike the word quirky)

glee posters

anyway, here is a list of but a few of the reasons that glee is amazing and you should watch it tomorrow night:

1. it features amazing musical numbers such as the aforementioned life-changing ‘don’t stop believin’

2. there are two canadians on the show including lead male finn (cory monteith, above, top left in green) and mr. schuester’s shrewish wife terri (jessalyn gilsig, not pictured).

3. it also has lea michelle playing rachelle berry. this girl is amazing. she is funny and can belt it out. (above, bottom right in red)

glee posters

4. actually, i kind of feel bad now for singling out any actors on the show as being honest, they’re all fantastic.

5. there is a red-headed germophobe among the ensemble as a member of the teaching staff, emma pillsbury. also, jayma mays the actress who plays her had bits parts on both six feet under and the comeback. she’s not featured in any of the posters so i’ve attached a picture of her below. six-feet-under-the-comeback-ginger-pride!

glee: jayma mays as emma pillsbury

6. jane lynch is in it.

7. charlie sheen isn’t in it. aka, it’s not two and a half men. seriously, how is that the most popular comedy on television. who the fuck watches two and half men?

8. it’s funny and heart-warming and cheesy in a big-budget, high production values way, without pandering to mediocrity or becoing everything that is wrong with american television. (see above, 7)

glee posters

9. it is the first show in a long time on network television that has managed to build up a significant buzz among both fans and television critics. no small feat in the multi-channel universe.

10. the guy who created nip/tuck is also behind glee. he is surely a david e. kelley for the new millennium.

11. jane lynch is in it. i know this was mentioned earlier but i felt that jane lynch deserved two points. seriously, how great is jane lynch? like in everything she does, AMAZING!


glee poster