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16 and pregnant

got a few things swimming around in my mind today, and as my blog’s been a bit light of late i’ve decided to drop them all on you in one go. first on the docket, some reality television…

ok, so i watch quite a lot of bad tv. E! true hollywood story, judge alex, and even (shudder) more to love (but only once, i promise. and it was candace’s idea anyway). anyway, one day i was channel-surfing and i came across a new mtv show: 16 and pregnant.

the premise of 16 and pregnant is pretty simple. each episode follows a different teen mother on her journey to childbirth and the ramifications this has on not only her life, but also those of the father and their respective families. having watched quite a few episodes of the show i’d come to enjoy it as a bit of guilty pleasure. it could easily be re-titled 16, pregnant, and trashy, as the girls who appear on it are more often than not low classy and from the south. do not underestimate the fun of watching a pregnant teenager bake a multicoloured cake for their memaw, describing the whole affair with a delightful southern twang.

so pretty much i’d come to assume that this was the formula for 16 and pregnant. but i thought wrong (shock)! the season finale was on the other day and IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! i cried. three times. it was that good! it starts off pretty much as any other episode does, introducing you to a pair of teen parents to be. the slight twist being that they’re technically step-siblings as their respective single parents met eachother and are now married. anyway, what’s amazing about this episode is that these kids are incredibly thoughtful and switched on for children raised in such an awful environment.

the father of the teen dad has spent most of the boy’s life in jail, and the teen mum’s mother is a wee bit crazy so they’ve each had to overcome quite a lot and when the kids make the intelligent and heart-warming decision to enlist with an adoption agency to give their as-yet unborn child up for adoption, their parents go ape shit. the elder parents have the gall to say that giving it up for adoption means that they don’t love the baby and the elder father has the nerve to come out with the line ‘all a baby needs is love.’ so then the teen dad goes off on one calling the dad out for not being their and saying they want their child to have better that they’ve had. it’s instantly heart-breaking and warming.

16 and pregnant: catelynn

it’s brilliant and you should watch it. just the season finale though, the rest is just empty televisual calories.

ok, the jew hater. i got a text update from a friend of mine today about quite a shocking story she told me a little while ago. let’s call her brandy. my friend brandy works in an office and had been getting along with a lady co-worker of hers so they decided to meet outside of work for drinks. long story short, said lady-co-worker brought along her brother who proceeded to go off on one about how much he hates jews which prompted brandy to get up and walk out on them all.

first of, brava brandy, BRAVA! second of all WTF? who are these people? since when is it acceptable to be anti-semitic? apparently this douche claimed to be a world war two buff and was actually defending hitler? honestly? so after the storm out, lady-co-worker has not offered an apology for the behaviour of her jew-hating brother which we both decided might mean she has similar leanings? is that unfair? either way, i got the aforementioned text from brandy earlier saying that lady-co-worker had approached her today, but we didn’t have time for a full conversation so i’m still none the wiser as to the details. can’t wait though, this just seems so strange to me.

not that i could ever even begin to imagine holding such out-there viewpoints, but surely any intelligent person would know better than to discuss that kind of tripe with a member of the general populous? wouldn’t you just keep that shit to yourself? maybe that’s the whole point though, proselytising? creepy.

finally, as you might have noticed from my poll the other day, i was at the beach the other day and i peed in the ocean. i was with candace, who was visiting from calgary, and who was quite disgusted with said peeing the ocean. anyway, i think it’s totally fine, but i do not endorse peeing the bathtub as two of this years big brother uk contestants have admitted to, sophie and rodrigo. there’s so little water in a bathtub you basically sitting a pool of your own urine, and even worse they both said they’d done it with other people in the bath! GROSS!

bb10 rodrigo sophie bath

oh, and as a final aside, lisa and david both had to dress up as aliens on big brother yesterday and take an open roof double bus to london where they had to get the public to take pictures of them without communicating in any way except with eachother. IT WAS BRILLIANT. first of all, they’re both thick as planks, especially david, and seeing them running around in stupid costumes was hysterical, especially atop a bus on the motorway. furthermore, lisa could hardly hear anything and entirely missed entire conversations with david. it kind of went against the spirit of big brother but the hilarity of it was fully worth it. AMAZING!

bb10 lisa david aliens