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backstreet boys: backstreet's back

so i’ve never been a huge fan of the backstreet boys. i would say i’m a casual fan of their music – i have enjoyed quite a few of their singles but have yet to be convinced to buy an album. they do have some fantastic songs though. here they are in a convenient list of their relative amazing-ness.

1. i want it that way
2. shape of my heart
3. everybody (backstreet’s back)
4. we’ve got it going on
5. the call
6. quit playing games with my heart

so yes, with at least six amazing songs in their back catalogue but no decent-sized hit since 2005’s solid ‘incomplete‘ the backstreet boys are looking for a bit of a comeback. in the intervening four years they’ve lost a (rather superfluous) member and apparently even released another album (thanks wikipedia) but now they return with what is probably their best single since ‘shape of my heart’ entitled ‘straight through my heart.’

fantastic, no? it’s produced by RedOne, of lady gaga fame, and does everything a new single from a fading band should do – both excite you and send you to their back catalogue reminding you of how many great songs they did, in fact, have. the ‘SOLDIER DOWN’ bits are my favourite, as you might have guessed by the title to this post. i can’t get enough of this song right now. brilliant.


pop! (it's back)