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ok, so this is the first of my ‘week long’ set of posts about pop music. as i’ve already failed at the daily post business, i’m not really sure where i’m going with this, but i’m taking you along for the ride. (lucky you)

anyway, it seems to me that pop music is starting to make a bit of resurgence in north america which i find quite exciting. even across the atlantic in the golden pop land that is great britain pop has been on a comeback trail. pop has been bubbling up as the likes of hipster-driven indie et al. have been receding.

right now we’re inundated by acts like lady gaga, and while gaga can craft a good pop song, i’m already tiring of the whole arts and crafts show that accompanies it in an effort to make it clear that lady gaga is anything but a simple popstar (and she’s half-inched her entire look from a proper popstar anyway). there is just something very disingenuous about lady gaga, right?

here’s hoping that one day very soon it will be perfectly acceptable to be an all-singing, all-dancing pop sensation without having to pander to either the disney virgin machine or indie hipsters that need to pretend their popstar is not actually a popstar.

by the way, you really should see the lady gaga post i mentioned above. it’s very good. and has pictures. lots of them.

so, yes, pop music is back my friends. get ready!

pop! (it's back)