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big brother uk noirin kelly digital spy
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so everyone knows i’m a huge fan of british big brother, but as i’ve been told in the past that my obsession is kind of boring i have endeavoured to keep my big brother fascination at arms length from my blog. today, however, i could no longer keep that up due to the above “celebrity” “news” article which can be found here.

recently punted contestant – and unrepentant prick tease – noirin kelly has somehow stolen one of my many sayings, only she clearly has no concept of irony.

in case you aren’t aware, we use the term “i’ll set myself on fire!” to highlight someone being overdramatic. it comes from an arrested development on which lucille is complaining about lindsay being too dramatic. to paraphrase, lucille remarks that if lindsay doesn’t stop being so dramatic she’ll set herself on fire! IT IS AMAZING!

conclusion. arrested development: amazing. noirin kelly: a bit of a slag.