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hermes bag in orange

so when jo-ann was in town the other day we did a little bit of shopping including hitting up a few luxury retailers for a little browse.

IMPORTANT SIDENOTE READERS: a tidbit of advice that has never done me wrong, and which i gleaned from the ever-informative ab fab, is to look down your nose at everything no matter how expensive. just act a little bit above everything and you will both immediately feel more at home, and be less conspicuous.

anyway, where was i? luxury retailers. and few are more luxurious than famed french boutique hermès – pronounced air-mez, for the uninitiated. so jo-ann and i traipsed in – our clothes clinging to our bodies due to the interminable heatwave that has suddenly gripped the west coast – and after glimpsing at a simple brown belt priced at $875 decided it was probably time to leave. but that was when we saw it. like a scene from a movie we both looked up and let out a little gasp at the exact same moment. we saw what would happen if someone took my essence and created a bag out of it.

what you see in the above picture in the hermès ul53 in officer canvas and clémence taurillon calfskin. it is me in a bag. i love it. we couldn’t find a price tag but needless to say we figured it was out of our price range and when we googled it after arriving home we found out that it is around $10,000. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! for a bag. can you imagine having the kind of money that you could spend $10,000 on a bag. i don’t have that much money to spend on anything, let alone a bag!

so, alas, my dream bag will remain just that for the time being. one can dream though, one can dream…