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la roux

as regular readers of my blog will no doubt already be aware, i have been quite enjoying la roux over the past few months. my minor obsession has been piqued of late because two major la roux dates are approaching.

first off, july 27 is the date on which i will get to see la roux live in my new home of vancouver! as you can imagine, i’m quite excited. jo-ann is even flying out mark the occasion! la roux are playing the biltmore cabaret and i would definitely recommend going if you find yourself in the vancouver area on monday night.

july 28 is the date on which la roux, the eponymous debut album, is released in canada. BUY IT. it is amazing for many reasons. one of which is the following:

let’s be honest, the above clip is reason enough to purchase this album. and for future reference any album with a spoken-word ‘thriller’ style interlude is immediately worth purchasing.

now, you already know that ‘quicksand,’ ‘in for the kill,’ and ‘bulletproof,’ are amazing – as i had previously mentioned them – and that ‘tigerlily’ is a masterpiece – feel free to re-visit the above clip – but as it turns out the whole album is fucking brilliant.

‘i’m not your toy’ is a jaunty, synthy, fizzy drink of a song that engulfs you in its bubbly charm from the first moment that the video game style melody begins. ‘as if by magic’ is perhaps the most authentically 80s of the songs on display and it’s a rolling, smothering pop treat.

‘fascination’ is positively incendiary from the instant you hear the electric synths; then the chorus explodes at you thudding its way relentlessly into your brain. ‘cover my eyes’ is a total surprise with its soft, yearning lyrics aptly describing the heartache of a lost romance, complete with the backing of a gospel choir.

in short, this album is amazing from beginning to end. it is exactly the album you want and expect from la roux. I LOVE IT!