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here’s a few pictures from the drive out west with me and my dad in the (frankly fantastic) u-haul. the drive went by surprisingly quickly, and we only had one minor brush with death when i didn’t notice that a passing lane was about to end and a semi-truck came careening into my lane as another was speeding towards me. let’s just say it’s a good thing that i’m an impeccable driver.

i did actually tweet quite a lot during the journey which was quite fun. twitter is rather good on occasions like that when you’re miles from a functioning computer but still have witty and fabulous remarks to make, as i often do.

ROAD TRIP! inedible

i was bemused by the above truck as we passed it and had to get a picture. i couldn’t help but wonder why the label was necessary. do you think perhaps vagrants hang out and trucks stops and try to drink the contents of the various cylindrical semi-truck containers? this is equal parts intriguing and hysterical. love it.

vancouver aquabus

the day after we got all unpacked , dad and i ventured to granville island (fantastic) via the brilliant aquabus. the best part of the experience was that once we arrived at granville island some poor sod walked straight across the dock – apparently not noticing the gangway up to dry land – and straight into the water. AMAZING! he was a rather portly man and couldn’t quite pull himself out of the water, which resulted in a group of people gathering around and attempting repeatedly to yank him out the water while his wife stood by laughing hysterically. in the end, he was about halfway out and my dad had to yank him up by his belt. we overheard him saying that he lost his glasses but if i were him i’d be much more worried about my dignity.

granville island brewery bar

after arriving at granville island we quickly found a brewery, which happened to make the fantastic beer we had tried the night before. HURRAH! it was quite cool actually, they only serve beer and nibbles. i love it.

dad: GO WEST!

and so ends my “catching up” series of posts. back to regular blogging now, inbetween searching for the perfect job and living my fabulous new west coast life.