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so it’s been just over two weeks now since my epic birthday celebrations, otherwise known as FRAT PARTY! the theme seemed like it was going totally tits up the morning of the party, but somehow by 8 o’clock in the evening, it was all systems go! it really was jocks and sluts a-kimbo and, as you can plainly see above, an inflatable sheep.

as a sidenote the woman who sold me the inflatable sheep, in san francisco of all god-forsaken stores, gave me quite a bit of attitude. bitch, please! you work in a store that sells fucking inflatable sheep, let’s calm down the bitch-face judgement-tuts a little!

FRAT PARTY! laura gary candace jo-ann

going through my photos of the night was both hysterical and a little disappointing as my photo taking skills devolved rather early in the evening meaning that i don’t actually have a lot of pictures of everyone, including (in alphabetical order) christine, dani, kathy, mikhaila, noel, sam, sarah, scott and stephanie. also, i have no pictures of me conquering the beer bong. am hoping i can fill the holes in my own collection with those of others. stephanie, for instance, has already posted a brilliant album on facebook.

hopefully, someone got some pictures at the bar also, as i have no pictures of that portion of the evening including amber, shaun and zoie. i’m hearing some rumblings that christine has some particularly embarrassing pictures of me but as i look positively model-esque from every possible angle i find that hard to believe. see example below.

FRAT PARTY! anatomy of a fall

anyway, disastrous photos aside, it really was a fabulous birthday celebration and a wonderful send-off. i didn’t even vom! although a few of the girls did, one in real FRAT PARTY! style right off my balcony. brilliant.


a few quick stories:
1. scott kept trying to photograph his junk to no avail. at first because he was using the wrong camera. then because he couldn’t quite work out the physics of flash photography in pants.

2. scott and kathy bought me a big bear as part of the FRAT PARTY! celebrations that i finished in its entirety, a significant portion of which through a beer bong.

3. the highlight of the night might well be the DJ playing ‘don’t stop believin’ and me running screaming toward the dancefloor only to find jo-ann in much the same state coming from the opposite direction looking for me.

4. noel ended up with four cowboy hats stacked upon her head between the time we left my apartment and our arrival at the bar. i still don’t really understand how.

5. i vaguely seem to recall trademarking the term FRAT PARTY! at one point during the night and subsequently referring to it as ‘FRAT PARTY! TM’

6. we fit 6 people on my floor that night. myself, ryan, laura, candace, jo-ann and trevor. the smell of fried chicken permeating the air everytime we opened the fridge was the only thing that made it problematic. we had a bought a bucket of kfc and refrigerated it for the next day but did not think through the stench it would create.

all in all, an amazing night.

FRAT PARTY! jo-ann