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a random crotch shot

so, i’m now living in my fabulous new vancouver apartment out west. while there will be (much) more on that later, i thought it best to catch up on a few momentous occasions that occurred over the past few weeks that have yet to find their way onto the interwebs.


the first such occasion was my birthday weekend which was broken into a few portions, the first of which consisting of a night at the black dog on june 25th, the night before my actual birthday. it was a fabulous night, despite a slight chill in the air / the overshadowing of farrah fawcett, that started with ryan and i running into josh and quaffing our first pint on the patio with him before the masses started to arrive. said afforementioned masses included (in alphabetical order) amber, bobby, bouchard, jo-ann, noel, trevor, and rose.


anyway, it was quite a quiet night which served more as a bit of a hot ham night for friday but it was lovely and relaxed and a perfect evening on the fabulous rooftop patio at the black dog.


as i said it really was a fantastic evening except for one significant faux pas that occurred later in the evening. bobby had been at a gravity pope function for a significant portion of the night and he arrived in the same club monaco shirt as the guest of honour. ONLY BLOODY ME!

i can tell you, it was initially a little awkward, but being adept at complex social situations such as these i masterfully comforted the rest of the group, expertly deflecting attention away from the clear breach of fashion etiquette occurring before their very eyes.


and by the way, that’s totally sarah bouchard giving a rude gesture to the camera in the background. tisk tisk ms. bouchard. we see you.