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i often take pictures with my phone with the thought that i will later blog about them. as you may already be thinking, that rarely happens so now i’m putting them all up at once. hurrah!

this one is taken from the east-side wall of savoy. there used to be quite a cool piece of graffiti featuring heath ledger as the joker that incidentally my friend amber was mildly obsessed with. this person was obviously not amused by its removal.

something vivid this way comes.
this is the spot on whyte where southside sound used to reside until it went out of business a couple of weeks ago and now vivid print is preparing to open. some of you may recall that i blogged vivid print ages ago. they are fantastic and therefore this is good news, despite the obvious flaw that i’m moving in less than a week.

kathryne and laura
this picture comes from a fantastic night out on my last visit to calgary. after closing out twisted, kathryne, laura and i headed to tubby dog where we arrived just in time for last orders. incidentally, when asked for a name, we chose simply ‘vagina’ and then when our dogs were ready the (it has to be said FANTASTIC) tubby dog employee yelled out ‘VADGE’ to the assembled throng of late night hot dog enthusiasts. brilliant.

beers for queers: i'm not wearing any pants
this is from the empress on their most recent beers for queers night during pride week. the poster is from their pride float which was an old school bus done up like a hippy van with protesters holding signs inside; one of whom was presumably not wearing any pants. we did go to the pride parade (a first for jo-ann and myself) but we ended up just bee-lining for the beer gardens (queer gardens?) and watching the parade arrive at the finish. it was fantastic, obviously.

rooftop class view
this is a picture of the view from the roof of the business building where i had class a few times during the spring semester. class on the roof is amazing.

sarah slean's a recessionista!
i had to snap a picture of this as i walked by. one has to support fellow recessionistas and as you all know, i’ve been rocking the discman, recessionista style.

hearing aid ad
this was in the paper and i just love the headline. THE DAYS OF SMILY AND NODDING ARE OVER! hysterical.

chef's pride creamy liquid fry shortening
this was in the garbage room at work. could there be a more disgusting description for a tub full of fat? it’s probably from fucking chili’s where it seems as though everything on the menu has been through the deep-fryer at one point or another. speaking of chili’s, when it first opened jo-ann and i decided to give it a try on three separate occasions, enjoying none of them, and wondering on each subsequent occasion why we’d gone back after disliking it on the previous one and then two occasions. obviously, we became angry at both chili’s and ourselves for stupidly returning to a restaurant have never liked. we have a pact never to return to chili’s

west edmonton mall transit centre: no loitering
this is a sign from the west edmonton mall transit centre. now i’m sorry but isn’t the act of waiting for a bus at least a little similar to loitering? this seems like a ridiculous and unenforceable rule. surely if someone accused you of loitering you could just say that you were waiting for a bus. isn’t the point of bus terminal for you to loiter until the arrival of a bus?

and this has been my life in pictures for the last few months.