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freeze pops

so summer’s here and that can mean only one thing… FREEZE POPS! that right, freeze pops. i f*cking love freeze pops. they’re so perfect and far superior to their double sticked brethren.

why do i love freeze pops so much you might ask? well, here’s a handy list of reasons. hurrah!

1. they’re incredibly cheap. like i bought a bag of 27 at superstore for 3.97! that’s practically like stealing them.

2. they come in delicious brightly coloured flavours like orange, red blue and green. and in freeze pop terms, colour = flavour.

3. they’re fun to eat and always melt the perfect amount so you get some delicious coloured juice at the bottom

4. they’re convenient. again, unlike the ridiculously designed popsicle that requires a wrapper and 2 sticks to hold the whole damn thing together, the wrapper and serving tool are ingeniously combined into a tube. a engineering feat that remains unmatched in its amazingness to this very day.

5. because of point 4 they’re infinitely less messy than other ice-based treats, including popsicles, and anyone who knows me knows how much i hate having things stuck to me.

6. they’re eco-friendly because they’re not shipped frozen.

wow. i didn’t think i could actually come up with any more than a few points on what is essentially flavoured ice but i guess that just goes to show you how fantastic freeze pops are. BUY SOME IMMEDIATELY AND REVEL IN THE ARRIVAL OF SUMMER!