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cinqo: gary and jo-ann

so candace was up for the weekend and we had a bit of night out on friday, as jo-ann, trevor and i had missed cinqo and wanted to make up for it. hence, we had cinquel! it was tequila and cerveza and maracas and all kinds of fantastic, as you can probably tell from the photo above.

anyway, we had a rather modest amount of drinks at my apartment before heading out to suite 69 for some deck time, followed by dancing up a storm. one of the reasons we wanted to hit suite was to evaluate it as a venue for my upcoming 27th birthday. as many of you know, suite 69 was at one time the locale of choice for nearly every night out we had but after a few bad experiences we ended up phasing it out. so, we wanted to check and see if things had changed at all, and to our delight suite 69 is back with a vengeance. it is fantastic again. hurrah! bit of a new layout, more wall dancing space and a window overlooking the staircase.

aside – i once rather unfortunately fell down said staircase and subsequently forgot about it until waking up with the mater and pater of bruises right across my backside. dan, my roommate at the time, and i were perplexed by the massive bruise and spent the morning postulating where it could have come from until we received a phone call from the cannon-turners explaining the previous nights tumble.

back to the night at hand, though, it was both a fantastic evening in and of itself as well as a great ‘dry run’ for my upcoming birthday. if there is one thing that can be said for my group of friends, we invest an aweful lot of time and planning into the perfect night out and we are now one step closer to my birthday frat party! hurrah! CINQUEL DE MAYO!

frat party