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me being all zen in the woods

had a pretty great day, followed by a rather emotional evening culminating in a good cry to rather shameful musical accompaniment.

today was my first day back at school since i was sick all week with what now looks almost certain to be mono (!) according to the doctor. i feel about 14. anyway, i was just relaxing at home doing a bit of studying for a mid-term i have tomorrow when jo and trevor phoned inviting me to lunch (after their rather exciting morning at the birth of their niece piper – to shane and aimee – congratulations). so we headed to cafe select as i’ve never been before and it was rather fantastic, even though i’m off booze at the minute due to the aforementioned mono. i had a delicious squid salad and we chatted and laughed and generally enjoyed eachothers’ company. trevor also pointed out the spot where jo-ann once fell smack on her face, after one too many beverages, trying to get over a low, dangling chain fence. fantastic.

when i got home there was a piece of mail from my mum containing a cheque to help me out with my first months rent in vancouver and tide me over until i find a job. that, in itself, is very touching but my mum, being ever the over-achiever on the touching front, also enclosed a rather lovely letter telling me how fantastic (and loved) i am. the culmination of the this left me, thisevening, listening to uplifting-ish music and crying. in a good way.

sometimes it’s nice to sit back and appreciate everything in your life. i appreciate the amazing friends i have – their humour and joy brings me the same tenfold. i appreciate my endlessly supportive and loving family. i appreciate my life. and i love it.

hope that wasn’t all too gooey or self-helpy. blech. and yes i did end up crying along the to the ‘glee’ version of ‘don’t stop believin.’ i am that gay, apparently.

(more on glee soon – it is fantastic!)