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yogen fruz: top it

so if you’re like me you may remember the yogen fruz of days past with those tacky neon lights in tiny food court booths across canada. that is the old yogen fruz. from this point forward you should erase any memory of this archaic frozen yoghurt purveyor and instead embrace the new and fabulous yogen fruz of today!

not only have stores undergone a drastic (and frankly fantastic) re-design to take them from early-90s tack to 21st century cool but they have added new items to the menu including the above pictured ‘top it’ option. this is the only thing you really need to remember about the new yogen fruz as ‘top it’ is the best thing that has ever happened in the history of frozen yoghurt in canada! a bold statement, i know, but the ‘top it’ is simple perfection. tart frozen yoghurt topped with your choice of fresh fruit or other tantalising treats including cap’n crunch, carob chips and crumbled oreos. my favourite is a medium ‘top it’ (which includes 2 toppings) with blackberries and yoghurt chips. IT IS PERFECTION! as i was saying to candace earlier, i’m actually kind of glad there is no yogen fruz on whyte avenue as i literally would not be able to resist the draw of the taste sensation that is the ‘top it.’

ok, now admittedly, the ‘top it’ concept, and even the whole re-design to some extent, does seem a bit of a rip-off of pinkberry (which by the way is also fantastic), but apparently pinkberry is also a rip-off of an original idea from korea. (sidenote: what did people do before wikipedia?) it may not be the most original concept but you really can’t complain when it’s pulled off so well.

i suppose the only complaint i would have about the new yogen fruz, and the whole ‘top it’ concept, is the name. not yogen fruz, as let’s be honest that’s fucking brilliant, but ‘top it’ doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue. and the original yogen fruzes are now called ‘blend it’s. i’m not entirely sure what else i would name them but i’m sure there must be something better.

conclusion: yogen fruz is now amazing. go out and get yourself a ‘top it’ immediately, if not sooner.

everyone loves the fruz