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so i know i’ve been posting about music a lot lately but that’s simply a reflection of myself at the moment and new music seems to be dropping thick and fast from all over the world. i will, however, make sure that my next post is something completely brilliant, off the wall, and minimally related to the world of music.

that being said, this post is about the music video for the ‘new’ freemasons/sophie ellis-bextor track ‘heartbreak make me a dancer.’ i use quotation marks around ‘new’ as regular readers of this blog will perhaps remember me banging on about this song over a year ago here and here. (incidentally, i also have posts entitled heartbreak make me a dance routine and heartbreak make me a movie, but i digress) anyway, the song’s been given a bit of an update, and is being released by the freemasons feat. sophie ellis-bextor now.

i mentioned the other day that sometimes great music comes at you by surprise – actually not unlike a shark in the water, but the self-referencing is getting a bit out of hand – however in the case of this music video i’ve been dying for a glimpse of it ever since i found out ‘heartbreak’ was finally getting a release, and that itself i’d been excited for ever since last year when i first got a hold of this track.

back to the task at hand, though, the video does not disappoint. it is sophie ‘dancing’ with some oompa loompa looking back-up ladies wearing strange glasses. i use quotations for ‘dancing’ because dancing has never been ms. ellis-bextor’s strongest suit and rather she moves around a bit while the aforementioned be-glassed oompa loompas rave it up in the background. BRILLIANT! i hope those glasses become quite big a la kanye’s sunglasses from last year. i give this video a solid A-. i love it.