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every now and then a song comes along that so defines summer that you can’t help but feel like there’s sun shining down on your whenever you listen to it. last year it was estelle and kanye’s ‘american boy,’ a couple of years ago there was divine brown’s ‘old school love’ and now there is v.v. brown’s ‘shark in the water.’

it’s so laid back and floaty and warm and just really fucking FANTASTIC! the lyrics are also brilliant from the title, to the opener: ‘sometimes i get my head in a dilly’ and then later:

right is right
rules are rules
this is more like april fools
I’m just winding you up, oh
jack be nimble, Jack be quick
please don’t make too much of it
it ain’t that serious

fantastic, obviously.

apparently v.v.’s career has yet to really take off despite two pretty amazing singles in the likes of leave! and crying blood but i have to believe that the british public will be hard pressed not to see the very apparent genius of ‘shark in the water.’
a star is born?
i very much hope so.

in further shark in the water news, i started listening to this song soon after i had re-watched a futurama episode in which fry finds an 80s guy who was also defrosted in the year 3000 and subsequently takes over planet express. anyway, said 80s guy separates everyone into sharks and sheep. shark=good, sheep=bad. this is my new summer vocabulary. you are either a shark in the water (good) or a drowning sheep (bad).

so the real question is, are you a shark or are you a sheep?

vv brown & 80s guy from futurama