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jayne smoking

so i’ve been feeling a bit of a deadbeat blogger lately. first i was doing exams and now i’m in calgary for the week, meaning that you can literally see the tumbleweeds rolling across the screen.

my aunt (jayne), her husband (paul) and children (sam and summer) are also in town so i’m a bit extra busy playing tour guide to calgary’s vast natural beauty. the picture above is one of my all time favourite photos that i took of jayne at her wedding.

quick random story. we were all watching dateline tonight and an ad came on for law and order that actually (!?) had bore the following line: ‘the only thing better than law and order is a new law and order!’ like seriously. WTF? ridiculous. MARKETING FAIL!

as another rather random aside, i’ve been loving the new david guetta feat. kelly rowland (destiny’s second child) track which is essentially coldplay’s clocks gayed up to the nth degree. FANTASTIC!