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grey gardens (1975): meet the beales.

so i watched the original grey gardens (1975) last night and it was fucking EPIC. an ageing mother and daughter stuck in a beach house for the better part of two decades torturing eachother for their failed lives. the main character is clearly the insanity that exists within the house between the two women. it is fucking brilliant. imagine if lucille and lindsay from arrested development were forced to live in the penthouse for 20 years and didn’t clean at all. it takes crazy to a whole new level.

i need everyone to watch it promptly as i’m about to begin peppering grey gardens references into my speech liberally. for instance, the other day i mentioned that ‘my apartment [had] deteriorated to frankly squalid conditions’ whereas now i would say that my apartment is looking a little grey gardens. a subtle but fabulous difference.

you may have noted that there is an HBO film that was recently released, starring drew barrymore and jessica lange and with the same name, and i am planning on giving that a go as well in the next few days but for now i have attached a link for the torrent file for the original as everyone needs to watch this film. WATCH IT!



grey gardens (1975): little edie.