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beyonce: halo

okay so it’s been a dog’s age since i last post. aka 10 days. as a completely random aside the concept of dog years is one of my biggest pet peeves. just thought of that because of the ‘dog’s age’ business. anyway, i’ve been a complete basket case the last week or two with school so i’ve had literally no time to blog. or clean – my apartment has deteriorated to frankly squalid conditions. the other day i began using steak knives to butter toast. then more recently i applied marmite to a sandwich with the handle end of a metal spoon.
but you’ll be happy to hear that i’ve cleaned my apartment and again have time to blog. hurrah!

now, a quick catch-up. the picture above is from an aborted blog post about beyonce’s ‘halo.’ it is a fabulous song that i was going to go on at length about gay-ly. i was driving with ryan yesterday and when the topic of ‘halo’ came up we both had similarly gay experiences listening to it on repeat (although it has to be said that i ended up crying to it quite extensively one day, obviously out-gaying the now questionably homosexual ryan. halo = fantastic.

oh and here’s a picture of beyonce falling just for the fun of it.

beyonce falling

while i haven’t had time to blog, i’ve seemingly had endless time for vacuous reality-based programming such as america’s next top model. my favourite model is crazy eyes. i think her real name is allison but let’s be honest it’s completely irrelevant. crazy eyes has these, …well, …crazy eyes that are fantastic. i also love ‘the old one’ celia. she looks like an alien. there has been one contestant, however, that i’ve loathed: burn girl.

burn girl is my nemesis. but she was kicked off the show last week. hurrah! oh, and as a quick sidenote, i did briefly learn burn girl’s real name and use it but everyone would stare at me blankly until i reverted to the instantly recognizable ‘burn girl’ and the conversation would move along swimmingly. and honestly, if you can’t handle your whole personality being boiled down into a two word, often insulting, nick name you really shouldn’t be on reality tv at all.

oh, and ‘tyra’s close personal friend’ clay aiken was the guest judge the week that burn girl was tossed out. WTF? here is picture of them together.

american's next top model: burn girl and clay aiken

ah, perhaps it’s not tv that is vacuous but my life. perhaps i am actually an audrina patridge style intellectual vacuum that stares into space oddly whenever anyone asks me a simple question and i’m only unaware of it because of the shocking lack of content in my brain. hmmm.

also, have still been obsessed with la roux. you see, ha, am not audrina patridge. la roux is definitely a thinking gay’s electro duo and your life should definitely be defined by your relation with popular media, not from within. freedom fries, etc etc etc. gary out.

la roux!