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i’m all about moodswings these days. i think it’s the stop-start nature of spring that keeps bumping my mood back and forth between elated and lackadaisical. to be honest, i’m sick of it. am hoping this weekend i can finally get rid of the winter blues and move into spring time… is there a colour for happiness? hmm… i’m hoping to be orange for spring. i would say green but i think i’ve overdone green a little, and also it makes me think of queasiness, which would not help my mood in any way, shape or form. so, orange for spring.

i actually think not having an ipod is also having an adverse effect on my mood these days. that sounds kind of weird but having to listen to music that is not brand new is sort of driving me crazy. i think music might be my zoloft – really need to get that sorted out. was listening to siobhan donaghy thismorning on repeat and have just put in the sugababes change album. pretty fantastic in general – especially the former – but new music really perks me up. must acquire a new ipod asap. also, people continue to stare when i break out the discman. i kind of want to get a big sticker on it that says: ‘IT’S A FUCKING DISCMAN.’ would quite enjoy that. except might get told off by mothers of small children. whatever, those kids would be getting an education. in both useful swear words and technology history.