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united states of tara

as i’ve recently been a bit unmotivated to do pretty much anything recently i’ve been watching quite a lot of television, despite the fact that i no longer have cable. the other day i downloaded episode 1 of ‘united states of tara’ and less than 72 hours later i had watched the entire 12 episode first season. IT IS AMAZING!

united states of tara: the alters

first off, toni collette is in it. i should point out that toni collette can pretty much do no wrong in my book. toni collette = amazing. toni collette = flawless. I LOVE HER. anyway, as per usual, she is amazing as the eponymous tara, a women with DID (disassociative identity disorder) or what was previously referred to as multiple personality disorder. tara has 3 main ‘alters’ that take over her consciousness at stressful times. they are buck: a rough biker dude, t: a bratty teenager, and alice: a 50s housewife. (click to enlarge the picture above)

united states of tara: max

the series is written by diablo cody, who wrote juno, and is equally filled with the zeitgeist-y touches that made juno so enjoyable. it’s an odd premise, but the show doesn’t really dwell on it, but rather it’s more a starting point. fantastic. tara’s eternally patient husband max is played by john corbett – who played carrie’s perfect man and biggest mistake aiden on sex and the city – and who seems to permanently play the good guy. and is therefore hard not to fall in love with. mmm. sidenote: i think i own the shirt he’s wearing in the picture above.

united states of tara: the kids

tara and max have 2 children who are both pretty brilliant as characters. kate the sort of average teenage girl who hates everything and marshall the 15 year old homosexual who loves cooking and classic films. marshall’s crush on a schoolmate proves to be one of the most touching storylines through the series and kate’s ‘relationship’ with creepy boss gene is perhaps the most comical/creepy. as a gay myself, i particularly enjoy marshall’s character in that he is a 15 year old homo but there is no coming out storyline in the show. rather he is gay from the beginning without a huge emphasis on it. marshall’s crush is a boy named jason who is the hotness despite being the youngest laurence brother (WHOA!). also he’s legal – i checked.

united states of tara: jason and charmaine

tara’s sister charmine provides endless comedy throughout the series as well as an alternate viewpoint: she doesn’t believe in DID and thinks tara should just get over it. she’s brilliant, and one scene in particular when she breaks out her ladies at her own birthday party is comedy gold. also, the title line ‘where does she shop, forever 36’ is said about her when tara is forced to come home wearing her velour tracksuit with ‘brat’ scrawled across the bum. her character took a while to grow on me throughout the season but by the end i immensely appreciated her presence.

conclusion: united states of tara is amazing and you should be watching it.