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stephen harper's a tit.

so i was watching the national thisevening on cbc newsworld and one of their big stories for today was about the g20 conference in london. it was all riots, protests, etc etc and then it cut to stephen harper talking about a solution to the global financial crisis. he was suggesting that america will never accept an international financial overseer (fair point) but went on to talk about how great canada’s financial system is and how we’ve weathered the storm. while this is a fair point, in general, it was stephen harper’s conservative government that tried to open up canada’s banking system in the early days of their government and this is the only reason that canada was at all directly exposed to the subprime mortgages that forced the credit crisis.

STEP OFF YOU TIT. seriously, this man is so fucking smug about something he had no hand in, and actively tried to destroy. canada’s financial industry has only been harmed by the conservative government’s attempts to release it from regulation.

what a two-faced prick. i can’t stand him.