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happy birthday

so i was looking back through my archives the other day and i noticed that i started this blog on march 28 last year, which means that i’ve been blogging for over 1 year. hurrah! the internet is officially a better place! watch out yahoo! etc etc etc.

also, in semi-related news, i’ve decided to have a frat party themed birthday extravaganza this year. after last years successful ‘drinks ahoy’ theme, i’m hoping for another banner birthday. it’s still 3 months away but i always find the best way to throw a party cheaply is to plan far in advance so that you can pick up decorations along the way. i haven’t decided on a witty title for the festivities yet but it’s coming.

frat headline

ps – ice cream was fantastic. had a waffle bowl with half cheese cake half birthday cake and butterfinger mixed in at marble slab. AMAZING.