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so i had a test thismorning in my management science 352 class. it’s done on excel with a 40 minute time limit and you upload your answers when you’re done. so i’m busting my ass really going at these excel problems and then about 25 minutes into the exam i get a nosebleed. no worries, i’m thinking, i just sniff a little, hoping to quell the flow. when that doesn’t work i call an exam proctor over and ask him to please retrieve me some tissue. so i’m working away and dabbing my nose with the provided tissues when i realize that this isn’t a minor nosebleed. oh no. it’s a carrie style blood bath streaming out of my nose and i now have to excuse myself from the exam to go and take care of it. now i’m in the mens room hoping that this nosebleed will cease asap. it’s a losing battle and i’m gone for over 5 minutes trying to mop up the mess that is my life. i get back to the exam room just as the time has expired and while i’m gratefully given extra time due to my circumstances i am now the only person in the massive computer room, working away after everyone has left, outnumbered by exam proctors milling around. this is my life.