so due to an overwhelming response from my global fan base (2 comments from matt and dan) i will be posting a full run down of the st. patrick’s day fantasticness i previously alluded to. but not yet. soon, though.

i’ve been a bit quiet on here mainly because i’ve been feeling a bit snowed under recently and i hurt my back like an old person. between finishing up group projects, studying for finals, looking for jobs, preparing for the big move, and my decaying spine, i’ve not been having a great week. on top of all that it’s still been a bit shit weather-wise. quite the bummer really, but things are looking a bit up as i’ve gotten a handle on the school work and the weather is finally looking like it might tip springward sometime soon. my back is still fucked but i’m hoping that it’s going to miraculously right itself in the next few days. DENIAL WIN!

oh, and on a random note it’s my nanna’s birthday today. not that she is online or is probably even aware of what a blog is – she once gave me moulin rouge on dvd for christmas but was under the misapprehension that it was in fact a book – but happy birthday nanna, nonetheless. she is FANTASTIC!