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so i was on the freemasons’ myspace page today and they had a blog post about how they’re going to be at gay mardi gras in australia soon. they noted that they’re even going to have a freemasons float with dancers. the above video is the proposed dance routine and it is brilliant. like super gay and absurd to the point of being hysterical. i especially enjoy the speech bubbles that pop up occasionally. fantastic.

in case any of you are wondering who the freemasons are they are a brighton-based dance music duo that not only produce some of the most enjoyable dance music of the moment but also remix other peoples music excellently as well. they are responsible for kylie’s ‘the one,’ the remix of beyonce and shakira’s ‘beautiful liar’ that made it listenable, their own version of ‘uninvited’ and a franklly brilliant remix of eurythmics’ ‘here comes the rain again.’ but most recently they wrote and produced ‘heartbreak make me a dancer’ with sophie ellis-bextor.

the main reason that i’ve been creeping on the freemasons myspace of late is that since sophie got sprogged up (and recently gave birth) it has been announced that the freemasons are doing a bit of a re-swizzle of ‘heartbreak make me a dancer’ (still with sophie) and releasing it is their next single! according to the aforementioned blog post (from which i gleaned the video) they will be previewing said new mix at the mardi gras party for which the above dance routine was choreographed.

am obviously quite excited.