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st. patrick's day

there are a few days in the year that have become certified holidays in my calendar with jo-ann and trevor. the oscars, which just passed, were sort of like thanksgiving: important but also kind of a build up to christmas. if our calendar has a christmas, i would argue that it’s st. patrick’s day. as a sidenote, our other important holiday is cinqo de mayo, but more on that as may approaches.

so anyway, we’ve been furiously planning away for this years st. patrick’s day as we made a few important tactical errors last year. first and foremost, we arrived at 3pm which meant that not only did we have to queue for quite a while, we also did not have a table for a good portion of our time. our second major error was eating a full supper later on in the evening. it simply served to make us all groggy and we never really regained our steam after that. all this resulted in a not particularly stellar performance as a whole with trevor even ending up leaving before jo-ann and i. as i said to jo-ann earlier, we got to base camp 2 last year – with trevor at base camp 1 – but this year we’re going full tilt for the peak. (see diagram above, click to enlarge)

with last years errors in mind we have come up with a whole new strategy for SPD09. to start, we are planning on arriving when the bar opens at 10am. now this was trevor’s original idea which jo-ann and i had originally pushed back until noon. on further thought we decided that getting a table was of the utmost importance and that the earlier arrival time was justified. we are, however, going to impose a deal on trevor by which we all agree not begin drinking until afternoon proper: 12:01pm. we may have to bring a card game or something to pass the time.

our second big decision was to start the day with a hearty o’byrne’s breakfast but then aim to only graze on an assortment of nibbles later on, eschewing full meals as the source of last years grogginess. i’m thinking a few afternoon pints of guinness should help to tide me over until a very likely pizza delivery later upon arriving home.

this is like our olympics and we’ve really only begun to stretch. this weekend it’s shopping for fabulous green attire and then the preparations will have truly begun. hurrah!