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thought the last post got a little heavy and then i stumbled upon another brilliant article on the bbc website entitled: ‘Cause celeb: Ulrika breaks incontinence taboo.’ i’m actually not going to talk about ulrika, or even LAI (light adult incontince) as you may all be thinking. in fact, what i enjoyed most about the article was the use of the term ‘the menopause.’

i love how in britain it’s called ‘the menopuase’ rather than simply menopause. the menopause sounds like a black and white horror film with women gasping as the word flashes up on screen. BEWARE THE MENOPAUSE! brilliant.

the menopause must be hot today. also from the bbc: ‘Menopausal sex ‘myths’ analysed.’

i’m going to have to do a post with pictures next time, it’s looking a bit dull around here.