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pet shop boys

it’s neil and chris, bitch. THE PET SHOP BOYS ARE BACK! well, back is a bit strong as they’ve been banging out hits for almost three decades but you get the point. here’s their medley from the brit awards outstanding contribution to music the other night:

EPIC! the faces = brilliant. job well done pet shop boys. and they’ve a new album coming out this year produced by XENOMANIA! (ooh look at her, etc.) this can only bode well for the storied land of pop music. the first single is brilliant and entitled ‘love, etc.’ the video is attached below. i found it a bit odd at first but now that the song has fully attached itself to my central nervous system i am loving it.

the pet shop boys are nothing if not perfectionists and even the single and album covers are brilliant, something that’s been a bit lacking from other artists of late(*cough* girls aloud). in fact, they really hark back to artists who liked to make a bold statement, even if that statement was simplicity as it often is with the pet shop boys. the covers are below the single (‘love, etc’) on the left and the album (‘yes’ – fantastic title, no?) on the right (click to enlarge).

pet shop boys love etc, yes

they also have a fantastic website at petshopboys.co.uk which is definitely well above average on the music-website front. and in all honesty, band websites are often total and utter shite.

it also doesn’t hurt that they’re obviously bummers. PET SHOP PRIDE! LOVE YOURSELF! LOVE!, etc.