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new positivity symbol

so i was walking home from work today and i was thinking about the idea of church. then i got to thinking about the idea of a church without religion. like a gathering place for people to be thankful for their lives, share their successes and failures, and have a bit of a sing as well. that’s when i came up with the idea for new positivity. not a religion but a loosely nit group of individuals that congregates to celebrate life, loving yourself, and perhaps giving back occasionally.

while i’m an atheist i do think that churches build a certain sense of community among their followers so why shouldn’t atheists create the same type of community for themselves. i’m thinking of a sort of hour long meeting maybe once a month where people can come together but there’s no priest or sermon. there are a few sing-along songs which are positive but not god-related and people get to share their personal trials and tribulations with the group. the group could also commit to volunteering within the community, giving back as a like-minded collection of individuals.

i think it could be fantastic and would certainly be a great way to build community among a group that i think is possibly lacking in that regard. THE NEW POSITIVITY!


new positivity