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it’s funny how these new social trends sneak up on you and all of a sudden you feel pressure to conform. i was never a big fan of myspace because i always found the experience not that user-driven but i was pushed into facebook and now quite like it. now it seems as though twitter is everywhere and i’m feeling about 80 for not jumping on board with my own witty and fabulous contribution to the future of online communication.

the problem i have with twitter is that it just seems excess to my blog and facebook. i do like the idea of being able to update it from my mobile phone but i worry that if i’m twittering i’ll start to blog less and i’ve been really enjoying blogging. hmmm…

in all honesty i’m not even sure i know that many people who use twitter but i have been stumbling across twitter pages with an alarming frequency of late. the best one i’ve found so far is alan carr’s which contained the following ‘tweet’ that had me laughing for a good five minutes last night:

Just watched ‘The Wrestler’, loved it, i wouldnt be surprised if Donatella Versace goes on to win the Oscar. She was amazing.

besides the fact that i love how donatella versace has become the go-to laugh, i think alan carr is fucking genius (click here for a clip from ‘tooth fairy live’). popjustice also has a twitter page that is quite good.

hmmm. well this post has gone a bit tangential but the real question is to twitter or not to twitter?