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la roux's in for the kill video

so the video for la roux’s amazing ‘in for the kill’ has now been released and while the video itself is fantastic (click to view.*) the mix used in the video is a bit crap. the song has clearly been cleaned up from the version that i downloaded. the synths and voice are much cleaner but not in a good way. the dirty synths and often screechy voice are what makes this song for me. without it the whole song seems a bit flat somehow. it doesn’t have the same flow anymore which is quite disappointing as i was really looking forward to this video.

okay, so it’s still amazing just not quite as amazing as the version that had already leaked.

* i would have simply embedded this video and not bothered with all the screen caps but the universal music group has rather annoyingly disabled embedding for all of their videos. i don’t really see how it makes a difference to them one way or another but there you go.