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call on me

so celebrity big brother has now been over now for almost 2 weeks and i’m missnig the ‘celebrity’ antics that i had really gotten into over its 22 day stint. there really is no comparable show to big brother in north america. the fervour with which the public embraces big brother is fantastic and the celebrity version is basically just an excuse to dress ‘celebrities’ up and have them do stupid things. highlights included:

-having them all re-create the ‘call on me’ video (see above)
-verne and michelle dressing up as teddy bears and trying to eat 4lbs of honey each
-terry and tina performing a ballet routine
-ulrika and verne performing ‘endless love’ dressed up as diana ross and lionel richie
-tommy and latoya dressed as salt and pepper shakers trying to perform a dance on ice
-ben dressed up as a dinosaur trying to scare someone by hiding under a sheet that hardly covered his huge green costume
-ben making out with an old age pensioner
-ben and latoya riding a mechanical bull
-having them dress and act like eachother
-tina talking about plastic surgery: ‘i wouldn’t mind a bit of weight onmy fanny, you know there (pointing) my fanny’ (falls off couch)
-coolio about tina: ‘she looks like a bowling ball with legs’
-verne getting drunk and hitting on latoya
-mutya and terry worshipping chesney hawke: ‘CHEST. KNEES. HAWK.’
-having them all eat crazy hot peppers
-terry realzing midway through the series that the whole point of celebrity big brother is to embarrass the celebrities on air
-big brother getting bored and making them do inane things like walking backwards and making coolio and terry cuddle until further notice
-latoya licking fish paste of the two-way mirrow (see below)

in short, it was amazing.

la toya jackson