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the annie lennox collection

so annie lennox is releasing her greatest hits this spring; humbly entitled the annie lennox collection. in case i haven’t gone on about this enough already: I FUCKING LOVE ANNIE LENNOX. not to get all oprah on you (although i seem to be swaying into oprah-isms a lot of late) but there’s something about annie’s voice that is incredibly affecting. her voice carries emotion in a way that i’ve never heard anyone replicate so consistently. you can hear every emotion in each note she sings. it’s fucking brilliant.

anyway, back to the greatest hits. honestly, it’s a group of frankly epic songs that everyone should own.

1. little bird
2. walking on broken glass
3. why
4. no more i love you’s
5. precious
6. love song for a vampire
7. a thousand beautiful things
8. sing
9. pavement cracks
10. a whiter shade of pale
11. cold
12. dark road
NEW SONGS (covers)
13. pattern of my life
14. shining light

not a bad song in sight although i’m a little disappointed that ‘into the west’ isn’t on there and neither is ‘bridge over troubled water’ which annie covered live a few years back at the american idol charity show. the UK version is getting a bonus disc that includes the former but not the latter. also, the collection includes a DVD with all of annie’s music videos. they really are pushing out the boat for this collection which i’m quite excited about. hopefully we’ll get some good TV appearances on this side of the atlantic soon.

importantly though, the first single from the collection ‘shining light’ is FUCKING FANTASTIC! like properly amazing. popjustice captured my thoughts perfectly with: ‘To start with you think it doesn’t work but after about ninety seconds it sounds like the greatest noise ever invented by a human.’ also the video is killer and features annie leading a band of backup annie’s set against a shining backdrop. it is literal but in the best possible sense. THERE ARE SHINING LIGHTS EVERYWHERE! i do have to say that i think annie is a little cheesy but also in the best possible way. anyway, click here to watch it i would have embedded it but it really is best to watch it in high quality which i think you have to do on youtube itself.

in conclusion, annie lennox is back. and i love her, just as she is.

annie lennox