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in for the kill

so as well as little boots and lily allen i’ve also been loving la roux over the past couple of weeks. looking at the above single cover for ‘in for the kill’ it’s not hard to see why.

la roux is electro in a very 80s kind of way with vocals that border on screaming banshee but in an absolutely fantastic way. they are a british duo, not unlike my idols the eurythmics, and they are hopefully set to explode in 2009, though perhaps not to the same extent as little boots if their 5th place listing on BBC’s sound on 2009 poll holds any bearing.

first single ‘quicksand’ is pretty great (click to see the video THAT INCLUDES A GIANT PINEAPPLE!) but nothing compared to the absolute genius that is ‘in for the kill’ (click to download) which is KILLER! i can’t get enough of it right now. any song that references punctuation marks is okay by me. i can’t wait for the video!

2009 is shaping up to be a pretty great year for music. specifically pop and electro music. very exciting, indeed. i have to say that 2008 was an okay year for music but more for blips of occasional good songs, rather than a generally great output. i may live to regret putting this in writing but 2009 seems to shaping up as a great year for killer music, new artists, and fantastic albums. we shall see…