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so as much as find lily allen a little irritating, i still find her refreshing when compared with the other skanks of popular music. i’m talking about the likes of the puerile katy perry (ugh), the skanky pussycats, and the plethora of american idol filler or disney bitches that seem to clog the airwaves and music channels. lily allen also has the inate ability, in my opinion, to create a great pop song. her first album was fresh, different, interesting, and very enjoyable and her follow-up looks to be amazing as well if this first single is anything to go by. ‘the fear’ is a relflection on fame and it is genius. it has some fucking killer lryics like the one above and my other favourite:

life’s about film stars and less about mothers
it’s all about fast cars and cussing eachother
but it doesn’t matter ’cause i’m packing plastic
and that’s what makes my life so fucking fantastic

it’s brilliant, obviously. there is something playful about lily allen’s music that i always find fresh and charming and perfect for a warm melting spring-esque day like today. also the video is quite enjoyable. bonus.

lily’s back, bitch.