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celebrity big brother 2009

so celebrity big brother started last week in the uk. it’s pretty much the same setup as regular big brother, including the incomparable davina, only much shorter and with a little more privacy. aka still amazing. i colour coded them as to how much i liked them on the very first night but my attitudes have been slowly shifting as the days progress. the ‘celebrities’ they picked for it are actually pretty sweet:

1. BEN. from A1. A1 was a british boyband who once released an aweful cover of ‘take on me.’ he’s actually funny and obviously the best looking man in the house. had a fantastic line in his intro about how his last name is not ‘from A1.’ cute and funny will serve him well.

2. COOLIO. everyone knows who he is. he’s very annoying and insists on cooking spicy food all the time while wearing stupid hats that have been modified to allow his stupid hair to stick through.

3. TOMMY. scottish lefty politician. very loud and very politically correct in a bumbling, endearing sort of way.

4. LATOYA. a jackson in the house. her soft voice is quite annoying but i’m hating her less than i thought i would.

5. ULRIKA. british (originally swedish) tv presenter who started out as a weather girl and went on to present gladiators and be sven goran erickson’s mistress.

6. LUCY. glamour model. which basically means she lobs her tits out in newspapers. also a tory supporter. hate her, obviously.

7. MUTYA. former sugababe and reported mayjah bitch. actually seems quite approachable but with manic eyebrows and accessories. loving her. don’t panic panic mutya!

8. VERNE. mini me continues his reality show onslaught but actually seems rather nice and enjoyable. i’m annoyed that he’s actually growing on me and am rather worried the british public will crown him the winner because of the ‘awwww’ factor

9. TINA. scouse actress most famous for playing tina malone on the fantastic shameless. kind of like her but find my patience for her diminishing in direct ratio to the amount of times she opens her mouth. shut up tina.

10. TERRY. tv presenter. kind of mouthy and always thinks he’s funny. don’t love him but don’t quite hate him. unsure.

11. MICHELLE. former liberty x ‘singer.’ liberty x actually had quite a few hits including their most famous just a little, the one with rev run song 4 lovers, and their best jumpin’. they were the 5 runners up on the 2001 edition of popstars uk and decided to form a group themselves. have totally been rocking out to jumpin’ and song 4 lovers all night. i’m actually really enjoying her, especially when she squared off against coolio a little bit.

in conclusion, celebrity big brother is off to a fantastic start. and i want mutya to win. or have a huge fight with someone. either would satisfy me.