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little boots, fucking amazing!

so i just downloaded little boots’ ‘stuck on repeat’ the other day and i am rather obsessed. it’s been released on itunes on little boots’ ‘arecibo’ ep and it’s quite frankly the best new song i’ve heard in ages. she’s also released ‘meddle’ which is good but not quite in the same epic league as ‘stuck on repeat’ which is six minutes of electro perfection. i can’t get enough of the little boots at the minute and i’ve attatched three videos of her doing her own songs mostly in her bedroom. after watching her videos i really want a tenori-on. perhaps bobby and i can start a band. him rocking out on theremin and me on tenori-on. maybe ryan on tambourine and jo-ann on triangle. perfection. oh, and little boots also has some fantastic covers on her youtube site including ‘american boy,’ alphabeat’s ‘boyfriend‘ and mgmt’s ‘time to pretend,’ but i thought that three videos was enough for one post. also, as a sidenote, she looks much better with blonde hair.


stuck on repeat with tenori-on

meddle in bedroom

stuck on repeat acoustic