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1. so salloum and i went to see milk tonight. it was fantastic. i laughed, i cried, i was inspired and james franco was sex on legs. at the end of the movie, as jessica and i were getting up to leave, a woman in the row behind us was looking around and asked ‘what movie was this?’ to which salloum and i replied, a little perplexed, ‘milk.’ ‘oh’ said the woman ‘i was supposed to meet my husband at the princess but i don’t think this is the right movie.’ to which i pointed out that ‘i’ve loved you so long’ was playing the princess 2, which is in the basement. she replied with a simple ‘oh’ but continued to stare around the theatre for little while longer before finally giving up the search.

2. as salloum and i were walking home from our gay old time at the movies she recounted the following story from friday night that i can’t help but re-tell. sarah, salloum and i went for drinks to the next act on friday after work and her father was coming, on his way back from the airport, to pick her up, in the family honda pilot. while we were all in the next act we had seen said SUV drive by and jessica went out to meet him by starbucks. when she arrived she saw that the vehicle had been stopped by the police, whose light was on the car, and she tried to get in the back seat. salloum quickly realized however that this was not her car. she realized this because instead of warm faces looking out of the car greeting her, there were now strangers staring at her in horror, their attention momentarily diverted from the flashing lights ahead as she tried, unsuccessfully, to open the door of the, as it turns out stranger-populated, honda pilot. brilliant.

3. before the movie jessica and i went to the savoy to take advantage of the ludicrously cheap pizza and beer deal. our initial server was a bit of a dud but midway through our goat cheese pizzas he was replaced by the same sex on legs server that waited on jo-ann and i a few weeks ago and who this time stared at my face a moment before asking ‘do i know you?’ i share this anecdote not because it is particularly amusing (it turns out he is a starbucks customer) but because i know that jo-ann will be driven wild with jealousy at the sex on legs waiter remembering me.