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gary on the wii fit

so i got a wii fit for christmas. as a quick sidenote it sounds like my mother spent every morning on the phone with the people at hmv which i’m sure they loved. anyway, i’m quite excited about the wii fit as i’m hoping that using it will help me with my ongoing balance issues. i’m sure i’m putting too much faith in it already but i’m happy believing it at the minute so whatever. perhaps i’ll soon be a master balancer who can wander down the street on one foot if i should feel so inclined. or maybe i’ll become a master yogi and be able to breathe through any orifice. fabulous. actually, i also got the new sim city creator for the wii which i’m quite excited about as well.

christmas was fabulous. we played a lot of dice this year and i managed not to be completely shit. WELL DONE ME!