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i kind of love christmas music. every year i have a favourite new (or newly discovered) christmas song that defines my festive music experience for that year. this year it is far and away ‘the christmas duel’ by the hives and cyndi lauper which is attached above. it is fantastic. i think it’s actually my favourite new christmas song from the last few years (but that could very well just be a proximity effect). my second favourite christmas song this year has been a bluegrass acoustic version of ‘mary’s boy child’ that i downloaded from itunes. it’s completely ridiculous and fantastic. last year’s favourite was ‘i’ve got my love to keep me warm’ by kay starr and the year before that it was ‘not tonight santa’ by girls aloud which, incidentally, is one of the dirtiest christmas songs i’d ever heard before ‘the christmas duel’ this year. perhaps its a trend?

christmas is fantastic.