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catherine tate as donna noble in doctor who

SPOILER WARNING!: this post contains spoilers for doctor who (fourth season), the lake house, and brokeback mountain

so last night the fourth season finale of doctor who was on cbc and IT WAS EPIC! i love doctor who. i’ve loved it since i was a child but my parents made me stop watching it when i was little because it gave me nightmares. i’ve been sort of following the new series but i’ve really gotten into the fourth season as the brilliant catherine tate has been the doctor’s companion this season as donna noble.

anyway, the season finale was a two-parter starting with ‘the stolen earth’ and ending with ‘journey’s end’ and it pulled in the characters from spin-off’s ‘torchwood’ and ‘the sarah jane chronicles’ and brought back billie piper’s rose tyler and freema agyeman’s martha jones. the plot had the daleks stealing the earth and over the course of the two episodes catherine tate was called on the save the day and realize that she was the most important person in the universe. over the course of the season she has totally grown as a character and let go of her old life where she didn’t strive to accomplish much of anything. anyway, at the end of the second episode, which saw the earth being pulled back to its original position in space and time, the doctor had to erase donna’s memory. it was so sad and such perfect tragedy. donna can’t remember that she has saved reality because it will kill her so the doctor wipes her memory and she goes back to being a nobody. i totally cried. amazing.

tragedy is always so much more affecting than a happy ending. as lame as it is, the episode will stay with me. like in brokeback mountain, the main reason that the movie is so freaking good is that the end is so tragic. heath ledger will obviously spend the rest of his life longing for his dead lover. it really has staying power because of the tragedy. it’s the same reason that the lake house was such shit. have you ever seen the lake house? it’s sort of an average movie that actually would have transcended its mediocrity had it not been for the happy ending: the two star-crossed lovers separated by space and time and in the end sandy bullock manages to save keanu reeves from dying. if he’d actually died the movie would have had a killer ending and then that’s what you would remember, not the preceding hour and half of average-ness. tragedy is amazing.