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so the new girls aloud video found its way online today and it’s another rather impressive effort for the aloud. while obviously not in the league of a madonna or britney video, there was clearly a little more than the usual 20 dollars thrown at this effort which is definitely a good thing.

the theme of the video is clearly ‘look at us, we’re fabulous!’ which, while not exactly earth-shattering, is pretty standard fair for music videos and the whole black, red and white thing looks quite fetching, especially in the run up to christmas. also, the boxes thing is quite cool even if it does bare a rather close resemblance to the ‘little less conversation video of a few years back; i’m sure elvis wouldn’t mind.

my new besties sarah and nicola are clearly bringing the fierceness in the video what with the former’s fantastic madonna/felicity huffman-inspired look and the latter’s massive hair. i would give this video overall a B-, but with respect only to the girls’ ouvre I would up that to an A-.