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trampling death at walmart

so ‘black friday’ was the other day (november 28) in the states and as per usual huge sales were held at many stores. the walmart in long island, new york was no exception. except that at said store a member of staff was trampled to death by the hordes of people rushing the doors in search of bargains.

i don’t know about anyone else but this incident really sickens me. according to the reports, people were literally pulling the doors off their hinges and then proceeding to trample a man to death in the pursuit of CHEAP CONSUMER GOODS! seriously, not that it wouldn’t be a tragedy, but i can almost understand someone getting trampled in a rush for food or water in a poverty or draught-sticken area, but trampling someone to death to save a few bucks on a new flat-screen television? also according to reports, when it was discovered that the man had died, people refused to leave without finishing shopping because they had been waiting in line. like seriously, A MAN IS DEAD! FUCK YOUR PLASMA SCREEN! have some respect.

how did the world get like this? that human beings would literally trample someone to death in the pursuit of a sale. these people should be ashamed of themselves and this is a sad reflection of consumer society! furthermore, can you not feel a person beneath you as you walk over them? i very much hope that the mob is charged with manslaughter as reports indicate is a possibility.

black friday, indeed.