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as you may have noticed, i updated the blog-faced banner today to reflect the christmas season that has descended upon us. i decorated my apartment tonight and thought it fitting to give the blog a bit of a christmas once-over as well. i love christmas. i have attached below the trailer for love actually. the film is perfect but the trailer manages to capture much of the magic in only two and a half minutes. i think it could possibly be the perfect trailer. also, it manages to use non-chistmas specific music to marvellous festive effect. at about 1:10 ‘this will be an everlasting love’ by natalie cole kicks in and it makes my life. i watched this trailer an obscene amount of times before the movie came out and i still enjoy it today. i continue to think that not including it on the dvd was one of the biggest blunders in modern cinema. perhaps even bigger than glitter… but i digress.

fabulous trailer attached. christmas approaching. festive-ness reaching appropriate levels. hurrah!