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so i was walking down the street today and i saw a girl walking towards me, quite a ways ahead, whom i know because she is a customer at starbucks. i do not know her name, but i know her beverage and we have a friendly small-talk type of relationship. immediately i’m thinking ‘shit, she’s like miles away so i’m going to have to look randomly in other directions until we’re close enough that i can flash her a quick smile hello, but not a full stop and talk as that would be awkward and inappropriate given our level of interaction.’

as quickly as i can think all that and start my random observances of every direction other than straight ahead i notice her doing exactly the same thing. then as we approach and get within smiling distance, we both do the obligatory ‘smile and nod hello’ and continue walking in our opposite directions. it was a near perfect social interaction. i really enjoy when random acquaintances adhere to the same set of social rules as you do. i’ve run into people so many times who either continue staring from 3 miles away or want to stop and chat even though it’s blatantly obvious that we are nowhere near that close personally. i’ve also been at the other disastrous end of the spectrum where i’ve briefly stopped and then had to make it seem as though i just have a really odd disjointed gait when the other person wanders by and i am forced again to start walking away. hideous.