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no tuesday

so i’ve come to the conclusion that tuesday is the worst day of the week and should eliminated. what led me to that conclusion you ask?

monday. it might be kind of annoying but at least you can hope for a brand new week ahead that might end up being fantastic.
wednesday. the middle of the week and you can think to yourself ‘half way there.’
thursday. the day before friday.
friday. start of the weekend.
saturday. self-explanatory.
sunday. see above.

tuesday though is total shit. you don’t have the excitement of monday or the proximity to a new weekend of the other days. the elimination of tuesday would also lead to a weekend ratio of 1/3 rather than the current, frankly slave-like, 2/7. tuesday is a completely unnecessary day and it even has the worst name. everything about it is total shit. except the expression ‘see you next tuesday’ which will have to be changed to ‘see you next thursday’ to avoid confusion.

you might be thinking that the elimination of tuesday would make wednesday the new tuesday. not so: a shorter week would more than make up for this problem. also, wednesday has such an interesting name that no one in their right mind could really be upset with wednesday.

the end of tuesdays.

you’re welcome world.