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ryan, bobby, and i went to see ‘quantum of solace’ on friday night and it was pretty great. i wouldn’t say it was perfect but it was very good; action-wise it was unstoppable and just kept pushing through until the very end. the reason i have a few reservations about it is mainly that i really enjoy bond movies and as good as ‘quantum’ is it’s a bit of a departure for 007. i did like but i’m hoping that the next film gets a bit back to the bond roots and maybe takes things a little slower as bond is really born as a character in this new series. speaking of born there is more than a passing resemblance to the ‘bourne’ series of films in ‘quantum of solace’ and while that’s not always a bad thing there is definitely a little something missing for me.

dame judi dench as m in 'quantum of solace'

one fantastic thing about ‘quantum’ is a beefed up role for judi dench as ‘m’ who is, rather obviously, fucking amazing. although i did notice that it didn’t credit her as a dame in the opening sequence… maybe they’ll have to rectify that. i love judi dench in anything but her ‘m’ is awesome, all stoney and hard. also i love ‘m’ standing up to her superiors, judi dench really getting her balls out on the table. she could probably take me if she wanted to but she wouldn’t need to – the power of dame judi dench.

daniel craig as james bond in casino royale

not much needs to be said about daniel craig who is again killer as james bond and is total sex on legs. the picture above is from ‘casino royale,’ and while more tight pants shots would definitely be appreciated in future, daniel craig is pure sex in or out of clothes. he is excellent throughout and the decision to cast him in this new series is really paying off.

the bond girls were quite good in ‘quantum’ as well with olga kurylenko being far and away the breakout star of the two. gemma arterton was fine but olga was ON FIRE! the story was excellent being both timely and a little over the top: perfect. it ties in current affairs with an age old bond idea of a secret organization scheming to control the masses. it really is a great movie.

oh, and the baddies have these little Q brooches, or pins. i want one.